My Southwest Story: Kamesha Brooks

By Marketing and Communications Staff 

Kamesha Brooks is in the spotlight this month! Brooks shares her Southwest Story and why she chose to major in biology. 

Click the image to hear Brooks' story or watch on the College’s YouTube channel here.

Kamesha’s Story

My name is Kamesha Brooks, and this is my Southwest story.

My degree program is in biology and general studies. 

I actually grew up in a neighborhood where the odds were stacked against me. In order to get you where you're going, you have to put in your mind where you want to be in life and let things flow. I actually went through and learned from experience. I learned what I liked. I learned like what I wanted my major to be.

I came to Southwest. I engaged with my professors. They just were very precise in me learning and understanding my curriculum and going over everything so that I could get to the next level.

I had one professor that stood out. Her name was Dr. Johnson. She was my biology professor, and she stayed over after class to encourage me outside of my college life. She was very adamant about making sure that I was on the right path. She was adamant about making sure that I got the necessary resources that I needed to pursue and to excel in my everyday life.

Once I graduate Southwest, I'll be attending the U.T. (the University of Tennessee) as a pharmacy student.

Southwest is a great place. I learned numerous amounts of things, even outside of the classroom. Whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve it. Just stay focused and stay grounded. Stay dedicated and be the best person you could be.