Tennessee Strong

Members of the Tennessee Army National Guard may be eligible for state tuition reimbursement assistance through the TN STRONG Act.

TN STRONG (Support, Training, and Renewing Opportunity for National Guardsmen) is a tuition assistance program available upon enlistment that will pay for up to 120 credit hours towards an associate’s degree or first bachelor’s degree.

Students can apply for the Tennessee STRONG funding through the state website. In order to qualify, you must be in good standing with the Tennessee National Guard; complete the TN STRONG application; include all enrolled classes on section IV of the form; and take the form to the Cashier’s Office for the Tuition and Fee section to be filled out.

Students must also maintain a 2.0 GPA for any and all courses which STRONG funding is requested, and apply for reimbursement within 90 days of completing the course. TN STRONG is available when all Federal Tuition Assistance within the Department of Defense is exhausted in the fiscal year.

Students are responsible for submitting all required documents on time to the state tuition assistance manager.

Southwest prides itself on supporting uniformed military personnel. TN STRONG supports the Drive to 55 goal of equipping 55 percent of Tennesseeans with a degree or certificate by 2025.

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