Financial Aid Forms

You should only submit those forms which are listed as requirements for your specific student file. Please check your email or the Financial Aid link of your My.Southwest account. If you have questions, please call us at 901-333-5960 for guidance prior to your submission. Completed forms can be uploaded at our Financial Aid Documentation Upload Page.

2022-23 Form Description

Certifications and Signatures

This form certifies that each person signing acknowledge all of the information reported is complete and correct.

Dependency Override Appeal

The Department of Education does allow financial aid administrators to use professional judgment in cases where extenuating circumstances prevent a student from being able to provide parental information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), commonly referred to as a dependency status appeal or override.

Financial Aid Authorization Form

This form is used to appeal to authorize Southwest to utilize your finiancial aid award to cover tuition, fees and fines.

Income Tax Information (Student or Parent) - Get Transcript

If you were selected for verification by the Department of Education, you must provide a copy of your IRS Federal Tax Return transcript. Please check your student account to determine for which tax year information is needed.

Orphan/Ward Of The Court/Foster Care Form

Your status as an independent student for financial aid purposes was based upon your answer to questions 52, 53, or 54 on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Professional Judgement Appeal

The Financial Aid Office can use their professional judgment to make adjustments on your Student Aid Report (SAR) because of unusual circumstances. You will have to provide enough documentation to support your appeal.

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Form  
Unusual Enrollment History Form This form is used to compare your student enrollment and financial aid history. An unusual enrollment history is defined as having received Pell Grant at multiple institutions for the past four academic years. You are required to complete the Unusual Enrollment History Form so we may determine your eligibility for future financial aid.