Foundation provides critical support during pandemic; needs support to keep moving forward

By Daphne Thomas

Foundation provides critical support for students during the pandemic, needs support to keep moving forwardWant to support student success? Vice President for External Relations Cynthia Graham says giving to the Southwest Tennessee Community College Foundation is a great way to make a difference in the lives of Southwest students and the employees who teach, guide and support them. 

According to Graham since last fall, the Foundation has provided 235 students $123,000 in scholarships for books, tuition and emergencies. “The Foundation is a phenomenal college partner, providing critical support for our students who were grappling with the pandemic,” Graham said.  “The Foundation also helps employees who are in crisis, but now needs all of our help to continue its critical mission.” 

Giving through payroll deduction has never been easier thanks to a new, interactive online form. Employees can elect to give a little each payday throughout the year to make a big difference in the lives of students and employees who face emergencies. “A little goes a long way and a lot does wonders to help students transform their lives with a college credential and help our dedicated employees who may need a little help from time to time,” Graham said. 

Donate online at  For more information about the Employee Giving Campaign, contact Cynthia Graham at